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Get Antinomy Year Three for Half Price!

Four Issues, plus the CD Annual.
$45 (with your purchase of Year Two at the regular price. Total purchase price is $135 plus shipping).

You can get all of Year Two and Year Three in one package deal. If you bought the eight individual issues and the two CD Annuals separately, you'd pay $264.00. This package deal gets you all eight issues from year two and three, with almost 400 over-sized pages of magic and commentary, plus the 2006 and 2007 CD Annuals. The CDs contain a bonus fifth issue for each year, only available in electronic form. The bonus issues contain previously unpublished tricks, plus access to videos to play on your computer. The CDs also contain PDF versions of the eight issues from 2006 and 2007 for you to view on your computer.

Note: This package deal is available for shipping immediately upon your order.