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The Future of Antinomy

Issues 15 and 16 will be the final issues of ANTINOMY

First, my apologies for the long delay since Issue 14. The reasons for the scheduled demise of ANTINOMY have only gotten worse since then. It's all about the time and the money. If there were more of both, ANTINOMY would continue indefinitely. Throughout the time since the last issue, I made statements at various times indicating Issue 15 would be out very soon. I made these statments on Forums and in emails. It wasn't my intent to mislead anyone with those answers. But I was personally having trouble admitting that things have changed. The reality of ANTINOMY for most of its existence has been that I would be able to complete issues fairly quickly once the material was gathered. Then, it was just a question of going to print and mailing the issues. But that printing and mailing assumed there was money in the ANTINOMY coffers to make that happen.

At this point, those coffers don't contain enough to make that happen.

That means the "losing money" part of ANTINOMY has finally caught up with me. Part of my statements about Issue 15 being out soon relied on the assumption that enough money would come in to make that happen. It hasn't happened. Still, I'm not that far from having enough to do it. I can only assure you that Issue 15 will go to print when the funds are available. I will take it one issue at a time. Once Issue 15 is out, I will attempt to generate the funds to make Issue 16 happen. With the long delay between issues, ANTINOMY sales are, understandably, down. So it's a "Catch 22" sitatution - I need the Issue to come out to generate revenue, but I need revenue to get the issue out.

This is the reality of the situation. For any subscriber who would prefer a pro-rated refund of the subscription instead of waiting for the final issues, please contact me at editor@antinomymagic.com.

Let me conclude by thanking all ANTINOMY subscribers for their patience during this wait.