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The Double Agent

A card with a split personality

    WMV Format, 1.5MB
    Performance: Rick Merrill
    Footage Courtesy: Russ Niedzwiecki

This unique gaffed card can masquerade as a Jack of Hearts and then become the Jack of Spades. After the change, the full face of the card is displayed.

Available in Blue or Red backed Bicycle backs. If you don't have a strong preference, the Blue backed version is recommended.

Comes with an 8-page, full color instruction booklet measuring 8 " X 5 ". The booklet includes details on handling the card and a description of three different effects using the card:

A two-card transposition where the spectator knows with certainty what card the magician has and what card they have. Only they find they were wrong.
A Three Card Monte trick where the money card is the odd colored card, only at the end the odd color is a different color altogether.
A single card that is shown to be Spectator #1's card AND Spectator #2's card. And, yes, they selected different cards.

The Double Agent is available for $35 with free shipping in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
Add $5 for Air Mail shipping anywhere else in the World.