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About Antinomy

Antinomy is a Quarterly Publication devoted to Magic

There are four issues per year, with 48 or 52 pages per issue, each measuring 11" X 11" in an oversized format designed to enhance your learning experience by more easily laying flat when open. Each issue will include commentary and conjuring from some of the sharpest minds on the magic scene. Antinomy has set a new standard in quality for this kind of publication.

Every year of your subscription, four issues will magically appear at your door. In addition to a commitment to quality, Antinomy has made a commitment to schedule. You will not experience the disappointment of not knowing if your next issue is coming. If Antinomy cannot maintain its schedule, full refunds will be issued to all subscribers.

Antinomy is interested in ideas. We want to promote obscure thought, advanced thinking, and meaningful dialog. Realistically, that can't happen without a sense of community. In combination with our readership, we hope to advance the art of magic. With Antinomy, you can count on the pot being stirred. Along the way, you'll find thoughts that are made to move, and minds freed to wonder.