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Antinomy Issue #14:

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Subscriber copies shipped in Nov/Dec of 2008.
NOTE: Some copies of Issue 14 were assembled incorrectly by the printer. Examine your issue closely. If the pages are in order, 1 - 48, you're OK. If you have repeated ranges of pages and missing pages, contact ANTINOMY for a replacement copy.

In The Artful Ledger, Jon Racherbaumer brings us "The Trick that CAN be Explained" and discusses opportunism in magic.

Evan Reynolds controls a choice for the entire family in "May The Force Be With You."

Bob Farmer brings order to chaos in "Zoots Yourself."

Jack Parker gets the true story from some misleading cards in "Lead Astray."

Jozsef Kovacs predetermines two outcomes in "Double Prediction."

Terry Hedges is "D'lited" to handle an emergency in "D'emergency Card."

Donny Orbit finesses Vernon in "Gripped Strip-Out."

Greg Hoffman puts three half dollars through a table in "Dead Kennedys."

In this edition of The Honest Liar, Jamy Ian Swiss offers some hard and fast rules (and a surprise) with "The JS Rules of Magic."