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Antinomy Issue #12:

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Subscriber copies shipped in early February of 2008.

In The Artful Ledger, Jon Racherbaumer brings us "Nocturnal Commissions" with excerpts from an unpublished Marlo book called "Not For Amateurs."

J.K. Hartman performs and off-balance transposition in "One Down, Two to Go."

Harvey Rosenthal transposes the halves of a deck with "The Revolve Pass" and then offers a routine that uses the move with "Other Damsels in Distress."

Looy Simonoff and Steven Gregory offer a not so crazy rubber band routine with "Honest, a Bionic Linking (and Unlinking)."

Max Nelson finesses a swap of cards with "Thumb Spread Switch."

Brandon Burton magnifies the use of a wine glass to cause two coins to switch places in "Wine Glass Mirage."

In this edition of The Honest Liar, Jamy Ian Swiss offers some thoughts on what it means to be mystified in "Preserving Mystery."