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Antinomy Issue #9:

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In The Artful Ledger, Jon Racherbaumer offers a synergistic medley in "Synergistic Raga."

J. K. Hartman varies Ackerman in "Piano Forte."

Joshua Jay varies Ackerman too in "Easy Ackerman."

Aaron DeLong shakes up the Haunted Pack with a steady hand in "Cataclysmic."

Nathan Kranzo causes five coins to appear and disappear in "Five Easy Pieces."

Max Nelson offers an open prediction and an enclosed selection in "Cased Prediction."

Dr. Giorgio Tarchini assures us it's easy in "Hofzinser's No Problem."

In the latest edition of The Honest Liar, Jamy Ian Swiss offers a timely exploration entitled "In Search of Street Magic."
View it online here: In Search of Street Magic