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Antinomy Issue #8:

Now Available!

Subscriber copies shipped Dec. 8th - 11th.

It's the "Brainpower" issue.

In The Artful Ledger, Jon Racherbaumer explores tricks a layman might perform for you.

Jacques Terrien performs a trick "Twice."

Max Maven uses an accomplice and a phone to create a "Phonomenon."

Chris Bruce acts out a bet with a colorful conclusion in "$20 Hunch."

Chris Bruce and Thomas Baxter raise the stakes in "$100 Hunch."

Kostya Kimlat offers the timely "Kudos for Sudoku."

Nick Pudar enlightens us with educated markings in "Pudar's Binary Marks."

Gene Taylor codes a card with "BINdication."

In the latest edition of The Honest Liar, Jamy Ian Swiss explores "What Works."