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Antinomy Issue #7:

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It's the "Magician's Toolbox" issue.

In The Artful Ledger, Jon Racherbaumer examines some moves you might not be familiar with.

Your editor offers The Perspective on FISM. Hear about the controversy and the competition from someone who was there.

Gunnar Bårdsen and Peter Duffie perform "A Turnover Pass."

Brandon Burton flips over a "Spring Revolution."

Dean Dill forces a selection with "Ace Packet Equivoque."

Andi Gladwin controls a card with the "Tom Cruise Control."

Gene Taylor cuts the deck three times with the "Ithaca False Cut."

Eric Jones introduces a coin to some different positions in "JW Meets Mutobe Meets Ramsey."

Charles Justice squeezes in "The Muscle Pass Pitch (MPP)."

Nathan Kranzo cleanly shows a "Hand-To-Hand Transfer."

Jack Parker predetermines a selection with "The Slip Slide Force."

Brian Vanderkolk turns over a new card with the "Turn-Style Change."

Eric Jones uses nothing to change a card in "El Cambio Nada."

Gene Taylor makes it snappy with the "Popover Change."

In the latest edition of The Honest Liar, Jamy Ian Swiss explores how we treat our spectators.