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Antinomy Issue #5:

Available Now!

It's the "FREE Stuff" issue.
Subscribers ONLY receive a free "Oops!" Deck! This uniquely misprinted Bicycle-backed deck sells by itself for $9.95. For more information on the "Oops!" deck, go to www.innovamagic.com

THE FREE OOPS! DECK OFFER ENDS on MAY 8th or when the 40 remaining decks have disappeared.

Inside Issue 5:
The Artful Ledger offers "SPONTANEOUS BOP CUNNING." Jon explores the "jazz-side" of card magic with a discusion of Vernon's "The Trick That Cannot be Explained." For a year's worth of Jon Racherbaumer content, join www.jonracherbaumer.com today!

Max Maven returns with "Converse Sneaker." A great variation of a card trick created by David Acer and Jay Sankey with a technique applicable to other tricks as well.

Joshua Jay contributes "Inflated Transposition." It's a transposition of two different bills with a surprise ending.

Everett Chapman illustrates "A Misrepresentation of Vision." Start with one coin, turn it into three, vanish them all, and have them reappear in the coin purse you started with.

Jeff Pierce tests out "The Double Jointed Card." This is a fully realized version of Card Warp that will re-excite your interest in this classic.

Michael Daniels introduces "Oops!" and "Fold -em Oops!" Not one, but two routines for the FREE "Oops!" deck provided along with Issue 5 (for Subscribers ONLY!). These are torn and restored card effects with a powerful difference.

Thomas Baxter offers "Separate but Equal." This is an ESP Card Matching effect based on "Symbologic," created by Hen Fetsch.

In The Honest Liar, Jamy Ian Swiss discusses the importance of scripting your magic in "Creative Hits and Misses ." To find out the latest about Jamy, visit www.jamyianswiss.com