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Antinomy Issue #4:

Brand New!

52 over-sized pages of magic and commentary.

The Artful Ledger offers "Hobsonian Fringe Notes." An essay on techniques for Equivoque. Approaches to target a specific selection are offered for two, three, five, and 52 objects. You guessed. That last one means leading a spectator to one card in a deck. For a year's worth of Jon Racherbaumer content, join www.jonracherbaumer.com today!

Stephen Bargatze tells "A Little Lie." Not one, but two presentations for the same card trick. And both contain bits of Stephen's humor. One is poker themed and the other is designed to entertain a couple. You'll have fun with this lie.

Eric Jones lights your fire with "Flash Coins Re-Lit." This re-designed version of Chad Long's "Flash Coins" includes the same bright points with a lot less work. Three coins appear one at a time in a burst of light. Then they melt away only to reappear in the coin purse you started with.

Max Nelson creates "The Gizmo Box." In this guest contribution to the "Gaffed Card Corner," a new card utility device is offered that will enable you to invisibly switch the top card of the deck and more.

Dr. Giorgio Tarchini redefines the use of candy in "The M & M Trick: Magic & Mentalism." A spectator selects a specific color M & M from a group of cards that each have an M & M printed on them. Then, without looking, they somehow manage to select the same color from a bag of M & M's even though the magician fails to do so. That's the mentalism part and it's all brought to a magical conclusion.

Tony Ko brings a slide to a twist with "The Impromptusible Twist." This trick recreates the effect of the marketed "Impossible Twist" with a set of regular playing cards. Four cards turn over one at a time in a new take on the Vernon classic and then turn into 4 Aces at the conclusion.

Zenneth Kok, the creator of "Impossible Twist," switches things around with "FSO Transpo." The Four Aces transpose with a single Four of Spades in a multi-phase routine. The final transposition is a visual knockout.

In the fourth edition of The Honest Liar, Jamy Ian Swiss explores the very near future of magic with: "The Last Layman." You may find yourself thinking "the future is already here." To find out the latest about Jamy, visit www.jamyianswiss.com