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Antinomy Issue #2:

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52 over-sized pages of magic and commentary.

The Artful Ledger continues with a comparison of Effect and Affect. It includes some "Hothouse Effects," constructed specifically to fool fast company. For a year's worth of Jon Racherbaumer content, join www.jonracherbaumer.com today!

Kostya Kimlat contributes "Breaking Glances." It's hardcore work on the Marlo Finger Flesh Break, a break and glimpse technique that's off the beaten path. Check out Kostya's website at www.kmagic.com

David Neighbors contributes "Triple Change Wild Coin #2." This three phase routine starts with three English Pennies that magically change to Half Dollars. At the conclusion, they change to gold coins. It's alchemy with a coin purse. As an alternative, your three coins can take a trip around the world.

Jamie Badman offers "The Huntsmen." This take on the "Twisting the Aces" effect has the Ace through Four of Hearts turning over in order. At the conclusion, the spectator selects the Ace, Two, Three, or Four and, not only does it turn over, but it turns into a previously selected card.

From The Antinomy Vault, it's the second edition of "The Gaffed Card Corner." This time it's a unique version of the Three Card Monte called "The Hole Monte." A description would just ruin it for you. It's a multi-phase routine that educates your spectator about the latest version of Monte to hit the streets. It manages to fool them along the way.

Brandon Burton shows off "Angled Aces." An eye-popping production of Four Aces from the Buck Twins School of Magic. Only it's not quite as difficult as you might think.

The second edition of The Honest Liar. It's like we're on a constant "Super-Size Me" diet of method. Jamy Ian Swiss argues for a low-cal diet of thought in "The Method Is Not The Trick."