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Antinomy Issue #1:

Sold Out!

The Collector's Edition that started it all. 48 over-sized pages of magic and commentary.

The Artful Ledger begins with a treatise on Pumping and Elimination. We're happy to say this thorough explanation includes work on the "Think of a Card" effect from Jon, Marlo, and Bob Farmer. You'll enjoy the thinking that leads you to your spectator's thoughts. For a year's worth of Jon Racherbaumer content, join www.jonracherbaumer.com today!

Nathan Kranzo joins our line-up with a prediction that's not really a prediction. Your card ends up proving it "knew" where their card would wind up. The only thing is, it's obvious your card didn't know it when the trick began. We're also holding back another submission from Nathan for publication at a later date. Check out Nathan's website at www.nathankranzo.com

Rick Merrill is a new name who's had a lot of success this year. If you saw his first place act at either the IBM or SAM, you probably took notice of the opening coin routine. We're working at getting permission to publish that one someday, but in the meantime, Rick has granted us permission to publish a routine that served as a stepping stone to the opening routine of his contest act. It's called "Three Change" and looks like real magic as three American Half dollars change one at a time into three International Coins. Check out Rick's website at www.rickmerrill.com

Max Maven joins the Issue #1 line-up with an offbeat card effect. In this unique take on the Roy Walton Collectors plot, the Aces are isolated at the outset of the trick and then change into the three selections. Then, they vanish, with the three selections appearing interlaced with the Aces back in the deck. Great food for thought and a fun routine to try. For information on Max, go to www.maxmaven.com

From The Antinomy Vault, it's the first edition of "The Gaffed Card Corner." Full instructions on how to construct "The Clear Exchange." This is a type of switching envelope suitable for introducing a "stranger card" at the beginning of a trick and switching out that card for a different one necessary to bring the trick to a unique conclusion. The "envelope" in this case, however, is a transparent trading card sleeve.

The Honest Liar opens with an evaluation of the difference between gaffs and guile. If the simplest method is the best method, then are gaffs always the way to go? Read what Jamy Ian Swiss has to say on the subject. To find out the latest about Jamy, visit www.jamyianswiss.com