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Get the 2007 CD Annual:

All Four Issues from 2007, plus the 2007 Annual

For the eBook junkie, or just for people who travel with their computer, the ANTINOMY 2007 CD Annual has all 4 issues from 2007, plus the 2007 Annual, available only as a PDF. The 2007 Annual includes links to 10 videos to watch on your computer. This CD Annual is provided as a bonus to subscribers.

The 2007 Annual Table of Contents:

The Antinomy Perspective
  More on "Piano Forte" - J.K. Hartman
  Suit Myself - Bob Farmer
  Cull Bonus - Jon Racherbaumer
  Pinching Strippers - Thomas Baxter
  I.T.H.C.A. - Bill Citino
  Hofzinser in Hungary - Josef Kovaks
  She's Sick, My Cherry Trick - Donny Orbit
  Meet Me in Paris - Bruce Rockwell
  Rap Aces - Jacques Terrien
Performance Videos (Quicktime format)
  I Hate Kids - Stephen Bargatze
  Rap Aces - Jacques Terrien
  Honest, A Bionic Linking (and Unlinking) - Looy Simonoff
  A Non-Convincing Control - Jason Dean
  Cataclysmic - Aaron DeLong
  Five Easy Pieces - Nathan Kranzo
  Other Damsels in Distress - Harvey Rosenthal
  The Revolve Pass - Harvey Rosenthal
  Thumb Spread Switch - Max Nelson
  Copper/Silver Transpo(tation) - Bill Citino