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Get the 2006 CD Annual:

All Four Issues from 2006, plus the 2006 Annual

For the eBook junkie, or just for people who travel with their computer, the ANTINOMY 2006 CD Annual has all 4 issues from 2006, plus the 2006 Annual, available only as a PDF. The 2006 Annual includes links to 12 videos to watch on your computer. This CD Annual is provided as a bonus to subscribers. You can start your subscription with Issue 8 and still receive this for FREE as part of your subscription. If you don't want to subscribe, you can still enjoy the entire second year of ANTINOMY. It's all here.

The 2006 Annual Table of Contents:

The Antinomy Perspective
  Inverter Converter - Gene Taylor
  Warp Central - Gene Taylor
  Warp Central Plus - Gene Taylor
  Multiple Ithaca - Gene Taylor
Variety Pack
  Money Talks Back - Danny Archer
  Forced Medley - Thomas Baxter
  Licked At Last - John Luka
  Monte Mix-Up - Jacques Terrien
  Ideas for the Orange $10 Bill - Nathan Kranzo
Videos (Quicktime format)
  Easy Forte - Allan Ackerman
  Gizmo Box Moves - Max Nelson
  Ithaca False Cut - Gene Taylor
  Inflated Transposition - Joshua Jay
  Monte Mix-Up - Jacques Terrien
  Multiple Ithaca - Gene Taylor
  Popover Change - Gene Taylor
  Slip Slide Force - Jack Parker
  Spring Revolution - Brandon Burton
  Turn-style Change - Brian Vanderkolk
  Twice - Jacques Terrien
  Warp Central/Warp Central Plus - Gene Taylor